Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Car

19 May

Cars in today’s time are considered as a necessity by many. Often, people drive cars to go to work or school or they use it for business purposes. There are also some people who considered cars as a luxury. Most of them think that cars are liabilities and its value depreciates over time. Every person has different objectives in buying a car. Some just wanted to keep up with the trend whereas others buy because their current car is too old. Whatever the reason is the following pointers will help you decide whether you should buy a car.


Public transportation is relatively cheap as compared with having your own transportation system. But the problem with public transportation is that you keep on waiting for the next bus or train to arrive. If you have your own car, you can go to the places that you wanted to go in your own time. Another is that public transportation follows certain route. If you have your own car, with the aid of navigation systems, you can always find alternative routes to your destination especially when there is a heavy traffic in your place. Time and route are not being limited if you have your own car.


Have you ever experienced the time when the bus or train was delayed due to unforeseen events? Have you ever experienced being late because of those unforeseen events and you keep on saying sorry to your bosses or business partners? Most of the times you just wish having your own car so that delays would easily be avoided. Cars offer a very reliable way of getting around especially if you take good care of it. Additionally, there are cheap travel insurance packages in Singapore to keep your covered all the time.


Most seats in public transportation are not really made for passengers’ comfortability especially in long-distance travels. Most of the times you can’t recline your chairs because people seating behind you find it annoying. Unless you always wanted to pay for first class tickets, seating in your own car has never been much comfortable. Another thing that you would want to avoid is standing on buses or trains at times when it feels like all the people in your city are traveling. Long-distance travel while standing makes it notoriously uncomfortable.
Some of the unforeseen events that can happen during public transport are theft or harassment by another passenger. If you have your own car, you know who you are with and that will make you feel safer. In times of a car crash, cars nowadays are designed to protect its passengers from collisions. If your car is robbed or had been subjected to car crash, you can always seek help through your car insurance companies. In Singapore, car insurance providers give a wide range of coverage.

Style and Personality

Celebrities and business people buy cars that quickly identify their personality or social status. More expensive cars can sometimes be equated to a person having more money and more money can sometimes mean more credibility than your competitors. Car manufacturers also create cars that suits you and sometimes they can as well be modified depending on how you would want it to look. Even the engine of the car can be modified as well depending on how fast and for what purpose of your car is.

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