Internet Security Is Everyone’s Concern

07 Mar

It seems that all businesses and government offices in the world have access to the internet and with that we know the threats that come with it. We have heard a lot about cases where in government websites are being hacked into including business websites. That is why it is the responsibility of each company or government and business to make sure that they have the necessary business software applications to make sure that they protected from outside threats.

We have also heard a lot about how we as ordinary users of the computer must be able to protect ourselves from these types of threats. We have heard about personal accounts being hacked and the worst thing is that their bank accounts are being hacked as well. So how can we prevent this type of threat? They always say that we must create a password that would not be too obvious like our birthdays or even the initials or our names. That is why it is very important that our system must be our priority and we must think of network security solutions as to how we can prevent having our accounts being compromised.

The next thing that we must think of as well aside from the password is the fact that we must always make sure to log out from any device that we use especially if you are using a device that is not yours. The very first thing that we must remember is that, there is a possibility that the device that you have used will be used by someone you do not know so it would be better if we log out properly from that device. It is also advisable that you clear cache and delete the history of the sites that you have accessed from that device. One perfect example is corporate mobile plans. That is, if you are using a mobile phone wherein the plan is being paid by the corporate office you are working for. There is a possibility that the phone you are currently holding will be used by someone else in the future.

The next thing that you must also consider is that you must make sure to limit the download that you do either on your mobile phone or your personal laptop. We have heard of computer virus that was ingested into the links of anything that we would like to download. You have to make sure that your device or your laptop must be equipped with the latest anti –virus just to make sure that your device is protected as well. We all know that it would never be enough to have the latest anti-virus but we also have to remember that this is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your own device from unscrupulous individuals.

Internet security must not just be the concern of the government or the company that we work for, as individuals, we have to make sure that we are also doing our part in protecting ourselves from internet hackers.

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